Post-IOWAccess Advisory Council Actions

Following the passage of SF2088, the IOWAccess Advisory Council was no longer included in statute supporting the IOWAccess Online Services Portal and the IOWAccess Revolving Fund.  As a result, decisions on projects supported by IOWAccess were made by the Director, Department of Administrative Services, following recommendations of ITE staff or the ITE COO.  Those decisions follow.

Dept. of Management American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Child Advocacy Board: Modernizing Child Advocacy

AMANDA Licensing System Training

AMANDA Licensing System Concept Paper

Forestry Seedling Value-Added Service Fee

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Change Request

ICAB Online Change Request

Public Safety AMANDA Licensing System

Dept. of Economic Development Business Portal

DVA Forms Change Request

IDPH Direct Care Worker Credentialing Full Project

IDALS Commercial Breeders Access Scope Analysis

DOM Transparency Scope Analysis