Welcome to the IOWAccess Revolving Fund

The purpose of the IOWAccess Revolving Fund is to create and provide a service to citizens of the state that will serve as a gateway for one-stop electronic access to governmental information, transactions, and services at state, county, or local levels. In this role, the fund supports agency proposals for funding of electronic projects.

Who can request support from IOWAccess?

The following are guidelines for reviewing requests:

New Application Process for IOWAccess Projects

All IOWAccess applications requests must be prepared and submitted through the State’s Iowa Grants System: Iowa Grants System.  Please note all application must be received by the end of business on the last day of the calendar quarter. IOWAccess requests will be reviewed quarterly.  All requests received by end of business on the last day of the calendar quarter will be reviewed by the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) within 30 days. Completed applications are forwarded within IowaGrants to the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). The OCIO makes the final determination for approval or disapproval, and the OCIO may choose to fund the request in part or in whole. Notifications will be made as soon as possible after the decision.

For a complete description of the new application process for IOWAccess projects, please review this document: IOWAccess Program Guidelines and Process.

IOWAccess Funded Projects

Since 1998, $14.3 million in e-Government projects have been financially supported by IOWAccess.

Some of the projects include:

Enterprise Licensing and Permitting Solution for the State of Iowa

Governor Chet Culver issued EO 26 in October 2010 which directed:
DAS/ITE shall continue to develop enterprise applications to support transparency into the state’s processes and financial management programs, including the deployment of one-stop shop licensing portal for government services.

Following extensive competitive procurement processes, the Boards of Nursing, Medicine, and Dentistry determined that a configurable, off-the-shelf commercial product was the solution to their licensing needs.  The resulting Master Agreement allows State agencies to rapidly expand this system to meet their needs.  Partial funding by the IOWAccess Revolving Fund contributes to financing and innovative funding arrangements have resulted in several agencies' expansion.

For further information, contact Wes Hunsberger, IOWAccess Coordinator,
at wes.hunsberger@iowa.gov or 515-281-6993.