IOWAccess Advisory Council Funding Process

With the passage of SF2088, the IOWAccess Advisory Council is eliminated.  However, the IOWAccess revolving fund and citizen portal continues, with modifications to the funding approval process.

Value-added Services Fees

Previously, agency requests for value-added services fees were governed by HF 839, which established the Technology Governance Board.  That legislation provided for a two-step process for value-added fee requests:

f. Review the recommendations of the IowAccess advisory council regarding rates to be charged for access to and for value-added services performed through IowAccess, pursuant to section 8A.221.  The board shall report the establishment of a new rate of change in the level of an existing rate to the department, which shall notify the department of management and the legislative services agency regarding the rate establishment or change.

With the passage of SF2088, the IOWAccess Advisory Council’s recommendations are effectively eliminated.  Therefore, the review and subsequent approval/disapproval of value-added services fee requests will be performed by the DAS Director, following the process identified at

For further information, contact Wes Hunsberger, IOWAccess Coordinator,
at or 515-281-6993.